Devon Guide To Complementary & Holistic Therapies

Tedburn St Mary - Alternative & Complementary Therapy

Sam Goddard is a woman who's had a very varied career, working in corporations in America and experiencing all the stress that that involves, before transitioning into the world of alternative, medicine and healing. She is now the principal of Devon School of Reiki, where she is clearly passionate about the work she does to encourage other people to achieve not only a spiritual path, but also the best possible health and well-being that they can attain.

She is clearly passionate about empowering families because she set up an organisation called Reiki Rascals, which is clearly oriented towards children. She says that her son was the inspiration behind Reiki Rascals as she found Reiki was invaluable during and after her pregnancy. She also offers individual Reiki sessions and Reiki massage. Sam works at the Exeter natural health centre and at her own new studio in Tedburn St Mary. She is also qualified massage therapist, so there are many different techniques with which she can help you Highly recommended. Find out more at

Exeter - Reiki, Massage and Other Therapies

Mary Grove is an aromatherapist, reflexologist, craniosacral therapist, and Reiki Master. She's lived in Exeter all her life, but she began to study complementary medicine as a teenager when conventional medicine failed to help her. She's also been on a lifelong journey of exploration into the body and mind connection, and she brings her natural compassion and wisdom to her work together with studies in social anthropology, philosophy and psychology.

Perhaps like many therapists, Mary is clearly an explorer, a traveller, and  interested in finding out how the human being works. She's worked on a number of aid programs and volunteer projects throughout the world. As far as therapy is concerned, she is qualified in holistic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki. So she offers a wonderful opportunity for anybody who wants to investigate how alternative and complementary medicine might help them achieve their full potential. Mary works in Exeter city centre, and offers home visits for those who cannot travel.

Olive Branch Therapy Centre - Exeter

Helen Kremer is therapist who loves working with people, and clearly gets great reward from what she does. It's a wonderful gift to be able to say that you are truly made happy by the pleasure of "helping others to help themselves", particularly in the area of health and well-being. There's no question that complementary therapies are a great way to achieve this and Helen specialises in treatments for women only, which include massage. She works at the Olive Branch Therapy Centre, where you can also get reflexology, Reiki and aromatherapy massage. Find out more at

Dartmouth - Kay Scott

Kay Scott was motivated to train as holistic therapist after a serious injury, and now loves helping others. She is qualified in many therapies, including Reiki, acupressure and massage of various disciplines. She is also qualified in kinesiology. She can offer a vitality check, and on the basis of the results, decide which treatment is the most appropriate for you. She will use deep massage independently or combined with other therapies to suit your condition. There's lots to explore here, so I recommend that you visit Kay's website and discover more for yourself!

Axminster - Sally Legg

Sally Legg is an explorer of the human condition and the spiritual world. Her path has taken her through many areas of life but she's now found her vocation as a Reiki therapist and Thai therapy therapist.

Thai therapy specialises in bodywork designed to restore normal well-being, including gentle stretches, pressure point techniques, energy lines and massage. The end result of treatment is a completely relaxed feeling. It's a treatment that's useful for all kinds of issues such as muscle tension, neck pain, and limited shoulder movement. Besides this, it can be a pleasurable experience to have a treatment that is so relaxing and so encouraging of your well-being. Find out more at

Frome, Bath and Bristol - Emotional Process Work

Emotional healing work can be done in many ways, and there are many people who find that a Jungian approach to working on your shadow is one of the most effective ways of resolving troublesome emotional issues. There are various ways of approaching issues from the past. Emotional process work  work is essentially a technique which involves looking at the past issues from childhood which made you who you currently are.

Once the origin of your feelings and emotions is clear, you can reshape the beliefs and behaviour patterns which emerged from your childhood experience into something much more functional for you today. Emotional process work on your shadow is work which can change your life. This work takes place in groups or individual shadow sessions of coaching. Mixed gender shadow healing group work is available for men and women. This organisation also offers training as a shadow facilitator.

And if you want to learn Reiki to Reiki Master level, check this out.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a valuable way of gaining insight into the blocks that are holding you back in life. By examining the issues which cause you fear and perhaps the situations you avoid, you will learn how to step into your power and achieve the objectives you most desire. Of course, if you don't actually have any objectives or goals, then life coaching is certainly a great way to work out what you want from life. Neil Croom is a life coach who is highly experienced and practices from his consulting room in Frome, Somerset.

Totnes - Counselling & Therapy

As we all know, there are times in life when we need support of one kind or another. If the support you need happens to be counselling or psychotherapy, perhaps for anxiety or depression, stress related, or a more specific emotional issue, then the colleagues who work together at South Devon psychotherapy and counselling services in Totnes will be able to help you.

The staff are senior practitioners, who have been working for over 25 years in the field and are registered members of UKCP. Keep in mind that it's not necessary to have a specific problem to try counselling or therapy; you might just be interested in understanding yourself more deeply or in exploring new motivations, emotional issues, and seeing how you can grow into being the person you naturally are. Find out more about this professional organisation at

Exeter - Counselling and Psychotherapy - Amanda Williamson

Amanda Williamson is a very experienced and well-qualified therapist who moved into the world of counselling and therapy after an unfulfilling career in financial administration. Her journey has taken her through working with special needs children with a variety of emotional and behavioural difficulties into working with adults. Her ability to connect readily and easily with other people, and her ability to build a relationship easily and quickly, is an important part of her skill as a counsellor.

She works in an integrative style, meaning that she can take a wide of variety of skills and form an individual approach to each client that suits their issues. Amanda is highly qualified and no doubt will be able to help you with day-to-day issues that might require a counselling approach, or the more existential issues that can arise in therapy.


Newton Abbott - Therapy Training & Affordable Counselling

Ken Rabone operates from the not-for-profit community interest company Safe Space Counselling based in the Dartmoor centre. He offers professional training to become a counsellor, as well as an affordable counselling service for people in the community locally.

Originally designed as a service for supporting young people, and supporting counsellors in school, Safe Space Counselling now offers a range of continuing professional development courses and affordable counselling for disadvantaged and vulnerable clients. Their philosophy is to make counselling and psychotherapy available to everyone no matter what the circumstances, and their commitment to providing this effective service is absolutely clear. The staff includes a variety of counsellors in various stages of training, so you can be sure that you will find somebody who is ideal for your own particular circumstances and expectations.


Councillors Southwest is a community interest company which focuses on providing highly trained and experienced counsellors who are accredited with the UKCP or another professional body. Their intention is to provide a safe confidential space in which can talk about your life and anything else which may be difficult or challenging for you.

The philosophy here is that by talking with someone who can listen empathically and attentively, and knows how to offer a route forward to change, your life can improve. It's a supportive environment in which the philosophy is to aid clients in discovering their own solutions. Many of their clients are referred by GPs or other health professionals, although it may be that you can also arrange private sessions.